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Windshield Replacement


As the local authority in windshield replacements, we specialize in OEM-quality seals with our OEM-grade adhesives and BetaClean, BetaPrime, BetaSeal installation process.

Windshield Repair


A windshield repair is only as good as the quality of the repair resin. Equipped with the best resin in the industry, our repairs are known for their strength, and have been proven to stand the test of time.

Mobile Car Window Repair Services


While we are best known for our windshield replacements and repairs, we do offer tempered (door, vent, quarter, back glass) auto glass replacement & repair services.


With a 5 Star Auto Glass installation, you have peace of mind. We stand behind our work, and to prove it, we back every windshield replacement with a lifetime warranty against leaks, and on workmanship. 

OEM-Grade Adhesives

When it comes to our windshield replacement adhesives, we use the best! Our line of Dow Automotive Bonding Systems are also used by auto manufacturers for their Original factory installations.

AGSC Accredited

The Auto Glass Safety Council is the leading accreditation body of the auto glass industry. An accreditation demonstrates a commitment to following industry best practices, for safe and long-standing results.

Free On-Site Service

Don’t worry about interrupting your busy schedule: Whether you’re at home or the office, we can come to you! Our mobile glass shops are equipped with state-of-the-art removal and installation technologies.


Every year, since 2009, 5 Star Auto Glass has provided the highest quality auto glass repair services across Fairfax County and the surrounding area.

We service every vehicle to federal, industry and manufacturers’ safety standards, with premium parts and materials, to ensure safe and long-lasting results. The secret to our success is our unconditional commitment to superior quality installations and exceptional customer service.

Tour our website to learn more about us, our services, and our commitment to excellence!


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Premium Glass Brands

While windshields sold in the US should meet federal motor vehicle standards, many are known to be of inferior quality. Our parts will always be sourced from top manufacturers and distributors, with a reputation for quality, like Pilkington, PGW, Guardian, and Mygrant.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Having the right tools is the best way of achieving factory-quality installation and repair results. From Equalizer, Fein, and Glasweld, to GTG and Milwaukee, we only use the most advanced auto glass removal and installation tools the industry has to offer.

We Accept Insurance

If you choose to utilize your insurance for your damaged automotive glass, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve processed thousands of claims with all major insurers, and make the process seamless. And with our direct billing, it’s never been so convenient.

Locally Owned & Operated

5 Star Auto Glass is a locally owned and operated business, and has proudly served Fairfax County for close to a decade. Supporting our local small businesses is the best way of supporting our local economy and community.


Family Driving Car

Shopping for a new windshield can be frustrating when faced with so many options and a wide range of prices. And while putting every shop into the same “box,” and using price as the sole factor might be the easiest way of making a decision, it’s, unfortunately, not at all the most accurate. There are many other factors to consider, but here are our top 7 tips to making an informed decision:

1. Accredited Technician : Automotive glass is no longer just glass. With the advancement of the automotive industry, windshields are now equipped with a number of advanced features – many customers don’t even realize they have them. Having an accredited technician, with formal training from industry leaders, could be the difference between having a properly or improperly installed windshield.

2. Safe Drive-Away Time :  This is one of the most important in terms of safely. All adhesives have a manufacturer assigned Safe Drive-Away Time (SDAT). It’s the period of time, after an installation, in which the vehicle should not be driven. SDATs can last as long as 24-hours, but typically last 6-hours with most conventional-cure adhesives. If your installer does not bring up your SDAT, you should initiate the conversation before driving the vehicle. If you hear squeaking on the ride home from a shop that allowed you to drive immediately, this is a telltale sign the SDAT is pending. At 5 Star Auto Glass, our SDAT is just one-hour for the majority of vehicles, and 2-hours for some. We also offer a 30-min SDAT for customers that need to drive shortly after the installation.

3. Bonding Surface Contaminates : The leading cause of bonding failure and leaks can be attributed to the improper cleaning of the bonding surface area – with silicone and oil deposits being the leading culprits. Silicone deposits, a by-product of the manufacturing process, will have an adverse reaction on the adhesive. Furthermore, from manufacturing to installation, a windshield can exchange hands anywhere from five to ten times, leaving oil deposits from ungloved hands on the bonding surface. Using a glass cleaner to remove silicone and oil deposits is not enough. Learn about our cleaning process and more here.

4. Rust Inhibitor : When replacing a windshield there are certain preventative steps which should be taken. Applying a rust inhibitor to the windshield’s frame is one of the most commonly skipped steps. As a result, we see rust damage on a weekly bases when installing windshields that have previously been replaced. Having rust in close proximity to an adhesive is never a good situation. At best, the rust will continue to spread a lead to a remediation cost. In a worse case scenario, it will break the bond and cause a leak – and it could even compromise the structural integrity of the windshield’s frame in severe cases.

5. Glass Quality : They are many auto glass brands sold in the US, and only a handful are known to be high-quality brands. If your technician is installing a windshield purchased outside of credible and reliable distributors, you could be receiving an inferior part. If compared to tires, our brands would be the Goodyear, Michelin, Continental, and Bridgestone of auto glass, so to speak.

6. Special Consideration Adhesives :  Many vehicles require a special form of adhesive: high-modulus, non-conductive. You can think of it like motor oil considerations. While some vehicles only require a conventional oil, other vehicles require a fully synthetic or synthetic blend. This is another important detail to get right.

 7. Molding/Trim : When completing a replacement, the molding/trim should be replaced the vast majority of the time. The reuse of an existing molding from the original or prior windshield is used by technicians to cut down on their costs. Moldings play a role in deferring water away from the pinchweld, as well as a cosmetic role.

If getting the details right is important to you, look no further, and contact us today!


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On-Site Auto Glass Repair

 One Customer, One Vehicle, One Repair : Have you ever had your vehicle serviced at a local shop and thought:

“Looks like they’re running behind, I’m going to be here for a while.”

“Has my car even been pulled in yet? I’ve been here forever”

“I was here before them, why is their car being worked on before mine?”

We’ve all been there. It doesn’t take much for a shop to fall behind, and a hectic repair environment, along with multiple vehicles being worked on at the same time, can draw attention and resources from yours and lead to oversights. Knowing that your vehicle is the only vehicle that has our attention during the repair gives our on-site customers peace of mind. One customer, one vehicle, one repair… at a time. Mobile service is one of the best ways of receiving attentive, personalized and convenient auto glass care for your vehicle.

 Safety : Having your replacement completed on-site gives you the flexibility to safely wait for the vehicle’s SDAT to pass at the convenience of your domain. Every adhesive has one, and our advanced-cure adhesives have some of the fastest in the industry: 30-mins to 2-hours. For the majority of vehicles, it’s just one-hour. Contact us to learn more about the risks associated with driving the vehicle before the SDAT has passed.

In addition to safety, the long-term dependable of the installation is a valid concern. If a shop used a conventional-cure adhesive and allows you to drive immediately after the installation, even the slightest speed bump or pothole on your way home can cause shifting if the adhesive has not hardened enough to withstand abrupt movements. Shifting can lead to a number of issues including leaks.

 Convenience  : Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like the convenience of “valet-like” auto glass service at their doorstep or office? And with installations becoming more and more time-consuming, who really want the installation completed in a rush? Having your vehicle completed on-site allows the technician to focus on completing the installation correctly, and not getting the customer in-and-out quickly. All while you carry on with your day and tasks.

 Save Time & Money:  When considering the travel time to and back from a shop, and repair time, it can easily take up 2 to 4-hours of your day – especially if the shop is running behind. Not to mention the 2 to 4-hours doesn’t even include the SDAT. Most customers don’t have the luxury of spending that much time at a repair shop.

If you’re looking for a superior quality installation or repair, look no further, and contact us at 703-539-0404.

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