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With so many satisfied customers, it’s no surprise that 5 Star Auto Glass was voted as one of the top auto glass repair companies serving Alexandria, VA, by Expertise. Our mission has always been simple – quality work, get the details right and do it at a competitive cost.

Whether you’re in need of our mobile service to your residence off Duke Street, or to your workplace in Old Town, we can have your replacement completed on site, at no additional charge!


What sets your auto glass repairs apart from the competition?


Let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of auto glass repair companies serving Alexandria, VA. But, how many of them only use premium parts, adhesives and materials, adhere to industry best practices, and have an excellent reputation for quality work? The candidate pool suddenly shrinks. There are a lot of reasons to choose 5 Star Auto Glass for your auto glass repair or replacement needs, but here are some of the most notable:


Factory-grade Windshield Replacement Seal


When requesting quotes, many consumers ask about the quality of a company’s windshield brands – which is very important – but they tend to miss the importance of asking about the adhesive brands, the foundation of an installation. Just like windshield brands, there are many adhesive brands, and various products within the brand. Some are entry-grade adhesives, while others are OEM-grade – there is a difference! Because quality is so important to us, we only use Dow Automotive Adhesives. Dow is one of the most trusted names in the auto glass repair industry and is used by some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world to seal their original windshields on the factory assembly line. 


Premium Auto Glass Repair Brands


When it comes to our windshield brands, we only use the most trusted names in the auto glass replacement industry – Pilkington, PGW, among others. If you were to compare them to tire brands, they would be comparable to Goodyear and Michelin. Not only are Pilkington and PGW original equipment manufacturers for brands like Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, and many, many more, but their aftermarket products are said to be the closest to OEM.


No Subcontractors


Ever made an appointment with a specific service provider only to have a subcontractor arrive in an unbranded van, or even worse, the branding of a different company? Well, subcontracting/outsourcing is a very common practice in the auto glass industry, especially in the DC metro. Most customers are not very receptive to it, and rightfully so.


Factors to consider if a company uses a subcontractor to complete your installation:


How long has the subcontractor been in business?

How well-rated is the subcontractor?

Who do I call if there is a problem?

What assurances do I have that the subcontractor will follow industry best practices to complete my windshield installation?

Is the tech accredited by the AGSC?

When you set up an appointment to have your windshield replaced or repaired by 5 Star Auto Glass, you’ll have a 5 Star Auto Glass tech at your home or office, in a branded company vehicle – we never use subcontractors.


Time Spent Per Auto Glass Installation


At 5 Star Auto Glass, we spend the required time to complete your install to industry and manufacturers’ standards. The time spent on a windshield’s replacement is one of the best ways of determining if it’s being completed with industry and manufacturers’ best practices in mind. Two areas of particular importance are the prep times for the glass bonding surface area and the pinchweld (the windshield’s frame, where the adhesive bead is laid). The combined prep time for the glass and pinchweld can take up to 30 mins for some vehicles. 

Who long should a windshield replacement take?

One experienced tech should take between 1-1.5 hours, for most vehicles. 

Two experienced techs should take between 30-45 mins, for most vehicles.

If a single technician takes less than 45 mins to complete your windshield replacement, they are likely not completing the installation to industry standards and are skipping steps. 

You can view our glass and body prep steps, step by step, on our Windshield Replacement page.

If you prefer a thorough installation – one not based on speed – give us a call today!


Pinchweld Scratch Protection


The importance of this step can not be overstated – protecting the pinchweld.

Protecting the pinchweld from unnecessary scratches is an industry best practice, for safe and long-lasting bonds. 

When a windshield is removed, the next step is to trim back the old adhesive bead, which lays directly on top of a painted pinchweld. Scratching the pinchweld is no different than scratching the fender, or any other painted surface of a vehicle. The only difference is that the pinchweld is not visible after the repair. When trimming the bead, it is vital to trim it back with the least amount of damage to the paint. 

The most common and careless method of removing the old adhesive bead is completed by using a utility blaze attached to a long knife while the tip of the utility blade comes in contact with the paint and scratches the pinchweld. This is undoubtedly the #1 cause of rust development in the pinchweld. Rust damage will eventually lead to water intrusion – it’s only a matter of time. 

At 5 Star Auto Glass, we only use BTB Tools’ Winged Anti-Scratch Pinchweld Trimming Blades to remove the old adhesive bead. Its curved ends drastically reduce the number of scratches on a pinchweld.


Windshield Cowl Removal


One of the best ways of ensuring a reliable and long-lasting seal on the lower perimeter of a windshield replacement is completed by removing the cowl, the large plastic housing at the bottom of the windshield. Removing the cowl allows a tech to set the glass directly on top of the new adhesive bead (like the factory), not diagonally.

But because removing and re-installing the cowl can add time to a replacement, this step is unfortunately skipped by many installers. In fact, many installers only remove the cowl if the replacement absolutely requires it. Leaving the cowl on is not a best practice and should always be avoided.

If the cowl is left on, a tech will try to ‘stuff/sneak’ the windshield under the cowl and over the adhesive bead, within a tight opening. In almost all cases, the windshield is coming into contact with the adhesive at an angle, which can easily smear the adhesive. This can make for a poor seal and can increase the chances of wind noises and water leaks from the bottom seal.


On-site Auto Glass Replacement to Alexandria, VA


If you’re located in Alexandria, VA, we can complete your replacement at the convenience of your home or office, at no additional charge. There are many advantages to on-site service including convenience, time and safety.

To learn more about these advantages, please view our homepage.


Locally Owned & Operated Auto Glass Company Serving Alexandria, VA


5 Star Auto Glass was established in 2009 and has since been a go-to auto glass repair shop for Alexandria, VA. We take great pride in being a locally owned & operated business. One of the reasons why we’re so highly rated is because of our ‘small town,’ personalized customer service approach. Our customers are more than just a number or appointment on our schedule.


Getting the Windshield Repair Details Right


One of 5 Star Auto Glass’ foremost specialties is getting the details right. As automotive technology advances and new features are introduced, so is the increased need to verify features – sensors, heaters, shade band, frit variations, etc. While many companies may view these details as trivial, we believe in getting them right. If getting the details right is important to you, look no further. 


Auto Insurance Claims


When your windshield needs to be replaced or repaired, you have two options – paying ‘out-of-pocket’ or utilizing your automotive coverage. 5 Star Auto Glass has processed auto glass claims for over a decade for major auto insurance companies and their Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) – State Farm, Geico, Allstate, Progressive, Farmers, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Travelers, Erie, Lynx, SGC, and many more. Our claims process simplifies the process and gets you back on the road safely and quickly. And best of all, we bill your insurance company directly (minus your deductible). 


 Third-Party Administrator


Having an experienced auto glass company to assist you with your auto glass claim is like having an experienced broker on your side to help, in the event a TPA fails to meet the standards or protocols of the insurance company. A TPA is not your insurance company, but acts on their behalf to process your claim. One of the largest TPAs in the auto glass industry is SGC, which is financially affiliated with a service provider. It’s important to keep this in mind if a TPA is directly recommending you schedule with a company they are financially affiliated with and are not acknowledging your right to choose. If you need assistance with your claim, we’re here to help!


What happens with the stickers on my old windshield?


This is a very common question. As part of our windshield replacement service, we’ll transfer your state inspection and any other applicable decals – property tax sticker, EZPass, oil change stickers, parking passes, etc. There are a few limitations, however, as some decals are tamper-proof and are specifically made to ‘breakdown’ to avoid theft. But the vast majority of windshield decals can be transferred for your convenience. 

While many factors make us the best choice, these are just some of the most notable. Give us a call today at 703-539-0404. We look forward to hearing from you.


Q&A Corner:

A recent question from Samantha V. of Alexandria, VA:

Question: “I’ve never replaced my windshield before, but I have water leaking around the ceiling and driver side post area, next to the windshield. I think the windshield needs to be resealed?”

Answer: Typically when owners see water inside of their vehicle, their first reaction is to suspect the windshield. However, water intrusion can come from a number of sources. The location and characteristics of a leak will give us clues as to the possible source(s).

The signs you’re describing are commonly seen in sunroof leaks. If the openings to a sunroof’s drainage system become clogged, water will overflow and begin leaking into the cabin.  Check out our article about water intrusion sources on our blog (coming soon).

Windshield Guide: Rain Sensor

Many vehicles come equipped with a rain sensor as a standard feature, or as a part of a trim/package upgrade. When engaged, it will activate the windshield’s wipers automatically.  Many will even change speeds to adjust for changes in rain intensity.  While there are many styles, most rain sensors, with the exception of Toyota/Lexus and others, will be located directly behind the rear view mirror, as shown in the example below. 

Rain Sensor

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Kathleen B. of Alexandria, Va:

“5 Star Auto Glass is a exactly what a small business should be. Brian was a pleasure to work with, provided excellent customer service to me, and clearly takes great pride in his high quality work.

I requested about 10 quotes on Yelp and on Safelite. 5 Star’s quote was the second lowest, and I chose 5 Star over the lowest based on the more thoughtful message Brian sent to me and the many 5 star yelp reviews. Brian was on time for our appointment. He came to my house to do the work for no additional charge, which was a great perk! Brian uses the highest quality glass and sealant. He was clearly very knowledgeable and  pointed out (very respectfully) a couple of issues with the prior glass replacement I received from Safelite. I hope I will not need to use his services again, but if I need another windshield replaced, 5 Star Auto Glass will definitely have my business!”

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