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Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair – Annandale, VA

Annandale, VA consumers are looking for quality windshield replacement and auto glass repair service by a professional, reliable and established company, without the unnecessary markups charged by the national firms. 5 Star Auto Glass meets all of the above criteria. 

Need our on-site service to your workplace off Little River Turnpike? Not a problem. Or is it to your residence off Wakefield Chapel Rd? We have you covered there, too! Best of all, it’s free for auto glass replacements and chip repairs!

Q&A Corner: Is It Repairable?

A recent question from Mina N. of Annandale, VA:

Question: “I have a small chip (size of a dime), but there are two long cracks extending from it. Can it be repaired?” 

Answer: Unfortunately, the damage you’re describing exceeds the parameters of a windshield chip repair, and would warrant a replacement.  There are times when a rock chip expands immediately, which leaves the owner without options. But if the chip has not spread, it’s important to have it repaired immediately, to avoid a replacement. 

If you’re unsure if your chip is repairable, feel free to email us a picture with a dime, not on, but next to it, so we can gauge the size.

Windshield Guide: Heated Wiper Park Area

A windshield with a Heated Wiper Park Area (HWPA) is different from a fully heated windshield.  As it’s name implies, it’s heating capability is limited to the area of the windshield wipers.  Located inside of the glass, its works to “free” the wipers from ice and/or snow.  While it’s used by many manufacturers, it’s most commonly seen in Jeeps, Subarus, and Toyotas, to name a few.  Sometimes they are fully visible on the outside of the windshield, while other times, they are completely hidden.

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Jason G. of Annandale, Va:

“It’s always nice when a company delivers on their promises, and 5 Star Auto Glass did just that. They do quality work, and their prices are very reasonable. We have a total of five cars, so I’m sure we’ll need auto glass service again. And when we do, we’ll know who to call.”

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