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A few weeks ago on your way home from the gym, a small stone bounced up and chipped the window on your new SUV (shoot – thanks 495!). You meant to have it repaired quickly before the damage turned into a crack, but your schedule became hectic and one day while walking out to the car for your morning commute to work, you noticed that the chip had spread into a large, unrepairable crack. Having had a bad experience with your last replacement, you do your research on a few of the best-rated auto glass replacement companies in your area and find the best fit – the local car window repair specialists at 5 Star Auto Glass.


Auto Glass Service Specialists


Finding an auto glass repair service specialist isn’t easy. You want a company that is more than just experienced. You want the peace of mind of knowing that they use premium parts and sealants, follow industry best practices, stand behind their work and are a local, small business. That’s why 5 Star Auto Glass is a great fit. They only work with leading auto glass distributors, use high-quality windshield sealants, properly prep the glass and body, are highly experienced, provide a warranty on workmanship, and are not only located near you but offer free mobile on-site service so your schedule doesn’t skip a beat.


Mobile Auto Glass Replacement


With all the daily responsibilities and tasks you have from day to day, your schedule doesn’t allow for inefficiencies. And, unfortunately, going to an a repair shop to have your windshield changed is one of them. Luckily, 5 Star Auto Glass will conveniently come to you with mobile auto glass replacement at no additional charge. But, having your window replacement completed at your home or office isn’t just convenient – it’s also the safest option. Why? Because you should never drive a vehicle immediately after a windshield replacement unless the company uses a fast curing adhesive. If you need a quote for your cracked auto glass, we offer two convenient options – an online form or over the phone.


Auto Glass Repair Quote


While the days of vehicles having only one possible windshield are over (some models can have upwards of 8), we still make obtaining an auto glass repair quote as simple as possible. If you have an aged economy vehicle, you may only have the base window, which can easily be quoted over the phone. If you have a new vehicle, identifying any sensors is a first step in obtaining an accurate quote. If you need help with identifying any sensors, you can include the VIN and photos of your window on our online quote form or give us a call at 703-539-0404. We also accept most insurers and bill them directly, so utilizing your auto coverage is an option.

We’re here to help so contact 5 Star Auto Glass – the leaders in quality windshield repair and replacement – today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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