Chip Repair 101

Dear Customer,

The following are not exclusive to 5 Star Auto Glass and apply to the field of windshield repair in general:

-Chips are evaluated at the time of the appointment, prior to the repair, to ensure they can be repaired – not all chips are repairable.

-Laminated glass is a very fragile material, and combined with the pressure required to inject the resin into the damage, a chip can spread/crack during the repair process. If a chip spreads/cracks during the repair process, the repair cost will be waived.

-A chip repair is a structural repair (not cosmetic), with the capability of providing some cosmetic results for certain types of chips.

-Results vary, and chips do not “disappear” – there will always be “scaring.” The type of chip, location, ambient temperature, among other variables, will determine how much “scaring” remains.  Certain types of chips will be even more visible after a repair.

-Repairs will appear differently at different angles, and “scaring” will be more visible from the inside of the vehicle.

-The majority of before and after representations you may have seen advertised by national and/or local companies are for marketing purposes only and do not represent common/realistic repair results.


If the repair develops into a crack, any time while you own the vehicle, the repair cost will be credited towards a replacement.


5 Star Auto Glass


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