If the cost of your replacement exceeds your deductible, utilizing your auto insurance is an option.  We accept all major auto insurers – and having processed auto glass claims since 2009, we have the experience to handle your claim accurately and quickly.

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When an unexpected event such as damage to your windshield occurs, it’s common to explore all options. Generally, these options include either paying ‘out-of-pocket’ or utilizing your auto coverage.

5 Star Auto Glass works with most insurance companies, but here are some we work with the most frequently – Progressive, State Farm, Erie, Geico, USAA, Nationwide, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Travelers, and Lynx and SGC as TPAs. 

If you don’t see your insurance company listed here, not to worry, we accept many other insurance providers. You can contact us at 703-539-0404 to confirm if we work with your insurer.

If you’re unsure whether you should utilize your auto insurance, the best thing to do is to contact your agent/insurer for the most accurate and up-to-date information. But to be helpful, here are some FAQs:

Will my insurance cover the entire cost of my replacement?

It depends on your coverage. Generally, if your policy includes glass coverage in addition to your standard comprehensive coverage or if you have a $0 deductible, the insurer will cover the entire cost of the replacement. However, like most, if you do not have glass coverage or a $0 deductible, your insurer will generally pay the balance in excess of the deductible.


Cost of replacement: $350

Your deductible: $100

Insurance pays: $250

In the above scenario, we would collect the deductible from you, and bill the remaining balance to the insurer.

My insurance is referring me to a company I’m not comfortable with using. Do I have a choice?

Absolutely! In Virginia, an auto insurer can not dictate who you use as your preferred auto glass service provider – you have every right to choose.

Furthermore, when you call your insurance company, in many cases, you are speaking to the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and not your insurance company. TPAs are used by insurance companies to process their glass claims. Because some TPAs are also auto glass service providers, it’s important to explore all options before going along with the recommendations of a TPA who is financially affiliated with the service provider. 

If you would like an out-of-pocket windshield replacement quote, please submit an online request, or contact us at 703-539-0404.

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