Limitations, photo tips, insurance and our service area:



  1. If a chip is in the driver’s view of the road, we cannot attempt a repair.
  2. Chips that are located at the edges of a windshield have a significantly higher rate of cracking during the repair process or failing in the future.
  3. If your windshield has an ADAS camera or Head-up Display (HUD), in most cases, we cannot attempt a repair.
  4. In the event an attempted chip repair fails, we source factory glass for select domestic vehicles only.

If you have any questions about these limitations or would like to confirm if we source factory glass for your vehicle, feel free to contact us at 703-539-0404.

Photo tips:


  1. Place a US coin next to the chip so that we’re able to gauge its size.
  2. Take the photo directly above the chip to eliminate foreshortening or elongation.
  3. Please ensure that all portions of the chip are visible and in focus in a well-lit area.

An example of a photo we can use to determine if we can attempt a repair:

(click to enlarge)



While we accept insurance for most replacements, we are unable to accept insurance for chip repairs at this time. If your policy covers chip repairs, you may be able to submit our digital PDF receipt for either a partial or full reimbursement (please speak with your insurer to confirm).

Service area for chip repairs:

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