Windshield Repair

A windshield repair is a safe and cost-effective option for small chips. The cost is far less than a replacement, and doing so quickly can help prevent a chip from expanding into an unrepairable crack. In the event that the damage is beyond the scope of a windshield repair, we can provide a quote for a replacement. 

Repairs are completed by removing trapped air while injecting a high-quality, professional-grade windshield resin into the damaged area. And because a repair is only as good as the quality of the repair resin, we exclusively use GlasWeld premium resins to complete all windshield repairs.  

5 Star Auto Glass repairs also come with a warranty!


Our Line of Premium GlasWeld Resins


Believe it or not, but not all windshield resins are created equally. Because quality is so important to us, we only use the industry best – Glasweld. Glasweld resins are scientifically formulated for strength and quality. Moreover, there are independently tested not to only meet, but to exceed national and international standards.

Our Resins

Because of our four seasons weather in the DC metro, we use a line of resins to match our changing climate:

All Weather Resins

With a thin viscosity, the 2010 line is our best all-year-round resin. Great in cold and hot climates, and it will not yellow over time.

Warm Weather Resins

With a medium viscosity, the 2020 line works great in warm to hot weather. It not only reduces the chances of “flowering” on very hot days, but it has excellent longevity and strength.

Various Chip Types

Bull's Eye Break
Star Break
Star Break
Partial Bull’s-Eye
Partial Break
Combination Break
Combo Break



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Windshield Repair Area w/Free On-site Service

The following locations include on-site windshield repair service at no additional charge. Locations outside of the colored portion of the map are subject to a mobile service fee. However, all replacements within Fairfax County include FREE on-site service.

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